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Earth Wisdom’s Summer Meaning

Sunflower Field.jpg

The summer energy is a high-vibe, high-energy time, en-LIGHT-ening time.

It tells all living things on this planet that it is time to SHINE.

I don’t know about you, but this is the time of year I spend most of my time outdoors, taking in the heat rays, the light, and the beautiful scenery of things that come alive in the summer.

Like the shimmering water that twinkles across the Pacific Ocean on this side of the world… have you ever seen waves dance?

Like the full open blossoms of brightly colored flowers…and the sweet scent they release from their petals.

Like the juiciest lemons, hand picked from lemon trees… that quench our thirst.

Because I follow an earth wisdom tradition, I take in what I see happening in nature around me as life lessons. And I ask myself, WHO AM I WHEN I AM IN FULL BLOOM? Who is this newer version of me now that is ready to shine and share her self brightly? Am I fully expressing myself in words, actions, appearance and such?

The flowers in the picture above don't second guess themselves... they don't self-doubt and compare themselves with the height, width, color and smell of the other flowers.

Flowers and plants don't hold back from reaching for the light of the sun, and in turn, we are all gifted with their beauty.

I experience a new way of blooming and expressing myself in the summertime.

 Authenticity. That’s the word that keeps coming up for me this month of June. Am I BEING, all of me in every moment, in every area of my life? In every relationship, conversation, self-talk or thought? When the negative talk enters my headspace, do I catch it and stop it and KNOW in my bones it's all lies?

The way I see it, we are in an infinite spinning web of personal growth. You are not today who you were last summer, who you were in the winter, who you were yesterday.

Every experience and interaction builds you and grows you just a few ounces more.

So now I ask you:

  • HOW ARE YOU coming more to life this summer?

  • WHO ARE YOUR NOW that is ready to shine, put themselves in the light, be seen, this summer?

  • ARE YOU fully expressing yourself in words, actions, clothing and such?

I encourage you to bloom, open up heart-wide, arms-wide, wear the bright colors, say the true things. Because it's summer and everything around us is telling us to join them. 

It’s time to come your most alive.

Want some inspiration? Try some of these ideas:

  1. Write Love Letters and send them

  2. Go Dancing

  3. Throw a Dress Up Party. Or Any kind of Party.

  4. Plan a day in nature. Bonus points: Rain or shine.

  5. Make Art.

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