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Earth Wisdom's Spring Season Meaning

Spring is here!


The spring equinox marks a time of returning to balance. The days and nights even out so that we experience as much light as we do darkness.

In this place of balance life re-awakens.

Seeds begin to sprout and flowers begin to bloom. All of life steps into the light to be born again. And so do you. So do your dreams and desires.

In Spring, your yearnings and desires are the most potent. These yearnings are asking you to get into a place of balance so that your dreams (aka seeds) can come to life this year.

This upcoming month, life will begin to give you hints about what you are yearning for yourself. Is it a trip somewhere this year? A new relationship? A new passion or hobby, like wanting to paint or dance? Pay attention to what pulls your attention this next month and ask yourself what is being asked to be “awakened” in you?

For me, so many things are asking to come to life around this season. I crave more ceremonies, more collaborations, more movement, new business ideas crystalize, I plan my travels, and start discovering new relationships. 

I listen. I watch. I am careful not to over-water or over-sun any of my dream seeds.

Enjoy the return of the light, enjoy YOUR light.

Natalie OrozcoComment