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natalie's network

Natalie Orozco is coach, medicine woman, and Harvard trained researcher offering one-on-one and group coaching programs, seasonal ceremonies, and consulting services on quantitative and qualitative research projects in the public interest. Natalie’s contacts, connections, and recommended services and consultants can be found here.

Natalie’s Network


Evaluation / Market Research

Policy Studies Associates, Washington, D.C.

KaosPilots, Switzerland

Lynch Strategies, Minneapolis, Minnesota


Inner Glow Circle Coaching and Branding*, Washington, D.C.

The Training Fire with SunOtter Martinico, Santa Cruz, California

Nisha Moodley, Mill Valley, California

Matti Straub, Switzerland-based coach

Krista Porvaznik, St. Paul, Minnesota

Danielle Waldman, Wild Woman, Washington, D.C.

Mario Pereda, Graphic Recorder, Girona, Spain

Anna Fritsche, Graphic Facilitator, Hamburg, Germany

Community Organizing

Milagros Philips, Race Educator, Washington, D.C.

Nora Rahiman, Community Organizer, Los Angeles, California

Alicia Robinson, Educational Disruptor, Washington, D.C.

Website Credits

Colleen Medlock, Branding and Site Design, Los Angeles, California

Alexa Treviño, Photography, San Francisco, California

*A referral agreement is in place with that individual or organization such that I’ll be compensated should you make an agreement with them using my link.