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Freedom & Responsibility

Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.
— Audre Lorde
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It's ironic to celebrate independence day during a time when it seems we have much more independence and freedom to advocate for.

News continues to overwhelm. Families are being ripped apart because of borders and wars, angry men open gunfire at places of business or education. The constant state of chaos, threats to livelihood, and images or words of separation and fear inside the comfort of the “free world” would send anyone into a mental meltdown.

So naturally, our instincts at this time may be to turn away, to tune it out, numb out… To not look at the mess we are living in. But our responsibility as humans on this planet today is to learn from this. To move through this. To change this. In short, our responsibility is to continue growing into our own definitions of freedom.

RESPONSE ABILITY. It’s about our ability to respond that is key. What doesn’t feel good on the inside of you is an important message. It’s a message to listen to the parts of you that are uncomfortable-- that are being crossed, or that are not happy.

Instead of reacting, why not slow down, get still, feel the emotion, the rage, the anger, the sadness deeply? And then self-care. And LEARN about it. Where do you stand on the issue? What do you want instead if not this? What are some constructive ways you can bring healing or balance to a situation?

This past month, I went to a summer solstice ceremony known as a Sundance. There, I danced for five days from sun up to sun down to honor and remember the power of light. The ceremony was dedicated to the spirit of ancestors- the codes of DNA passed down through generations. In the ceremony, I remembered how much strength, skills, survival instincts, resilience, the ones who came before me (in my own family lineage) had. I remembered the skills they grew, the lives they lived, WAY more chaotic than mine, and how they used those skills to survive humanity all those years ago… they passed all those skills on to me—their living relative. And the same is true for you.

See, the life you live today was only a dream to your ancestors. And the life you live now helps us collectively dream a better world in the future.

The message is: We are our ancestors wildest dream. And our grandchildren will be ours.

So don’t turn away. Self-care, YES. Self-Love, YES.

Love yourself. Love your neighbor. And keep yourself strong.

Because this world needs you. It needs you marching, speaking up, organizing, changing things for the better every. single. day.  You need courage and stamina to keep doing it. And you have that, its what all your ancestors left in your DNA.

And it’s all because you are being asked to consciously craft the world for the better, and leave it a little bit better than the state you found it in.

Be grateful for the independence and freedoms you have access to. Celebrate that. And tomorrow, keep strategizing and organizing for more of it.

Stay strong. You are love. You are light. You are my hero.

Natalie OrozcoComment