strengthening intuition, heart, and knowing in leaders and organizations

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Natalie Orozco is coach, medicine woman, and Harvard trained researcher offering one-on-one and group coaching programs, seasonal ceremonies, and consulting services on quantitative and qualitative research projects in the public interest. Her CV, background, and experience can be found here.

Hi! I’m Natalie Orozco.

researcher, medicine woman, coach

Working cross-culturally in English and Spanish with clients in the United States, Europe, and Latin America, I offer services to organizations and individuals who are pathfinders ready to do the work it takes to lead themselves and the world into balance.

I believe when people practice growing their relationship with themselves and the planet—they create the life they want and can really impact the world for the better.

I envision a world where conflict is used to elevate human consciousness. Leaders do not cause harm; they heal globally. Leadership is valued as authentic, rooted in intuition, and emotional intelligence. And the places where humans exist (or work) are nourishing, sustainable, joyful, creative, and healthy.

I am here to give life to intuitive, emotionally intelligent leadership.

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. In the Fall of 2018, I returned to call the Bay Area my home. I’m the daughter of Latin American parents and that is a large part of my identity - but so is my spirituality and my commitment to social justice, access to education, and interdisciplinary and holistic thinking.

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Ed.M. Harvard Graduate School of Education, Human Development and Psychology

B.A. University of California, Santa Cruz, Psychology & Latin American and Latino Studies

Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, Spain, Spanish Studies for Spanish Speakers, Study Abroad


WorldWork Conflict Resolution Facilitator

Essentials to Race/Diversity Conversations

International Coaching Federation Accredited Coaching Program, IGC

Restorative Justice Circle Facilitator, One Circle Foundation

Council Guide and Black Lodge Consciousness Training, Dancehammers Institute



“I’d recommend working with Natalie to anyone who wants to go deeper, connect to their true core and create a life that's fuller, richer, more fun and also more balanced than before. Or to anyone struggling to manifest their desires, anyone who needs some loving support to go for their dreams and do what they always wanted... if you're hesitating, this is the sign you've been waiting for. Roll up your sleeves and do it, you won't regret a moment spent with Natalie!”

— Anna Segal, Graphic Recorder, Germany

"There are some people who make you feel like a weight is being lifted from your shoulders simply by communicating with them and Natalie Orozco is one of those people. Natalie is overflowing with wisdom and my educational coaching with her is something I look forward to every month. Whether we meet in person or via Skype across the world, Natalie listens with intention and holds space for me in a remarkable way. I admire Natalie's ability to interpret and make sense of my most jumbled up thoughts and words and our time together is something I benefit from tremendously in all aspects of my life. When Natalie shares her perspective, she offers a greater understanding of who you are and how you are. No matter what we discuss in our sessions, I walk away with a stronger sense of self and a clearer vision for how I want to show up in my life.”

— Sydney Hayes, Student, Switzerland

“Natalie’s amazing energy, passion and focus reminded me that the things I put into my vision need to give me energy rather than just be there for conventionality and convenience.  I've had coaching before but Natalie asked holistic questions that didn't just make me more clear on my goals but also covered some softer areas of my life I otherwise tend to forget.”

— Ulrik Ploug, Student, Denmark

“Coaching made me focus more on the right self-care methods so that I could start my days operating from a strong, full vessel instead of an empty, weak vessel. It made me believe in myself more and make me feel more confident about what I can take on going forward. Natalie’s coaches on a deep emotional, soul searching level. The coaching calls helped release a lot of negative things inside of me and create space for new, positive ideas and actions. ”

— Tammy Russell, Owner of BahamaSol, Bahamas


core values

Wisdom. Natalie is tapped into a deep body of knowledge of the earth and our ancestors. She shares this knowledge with her clients so that they can carry it too. Holding this wisdom means living a life where you value your whole self, you value relationship to the earth and all things on it.

Intuition. Humans have the ability to understand something immediately, based on instinctive feeling, without the need for conscious reasoning. As knowledge and education has evolved, we have moved away from a spiritual understanding of intuition and into a psychological sense of it as emotional intelligence. We must reclaim the spiritual understanding of our intuition so that we can know and understand ourselves and the world, better. Intuitive leaders nourish others, spark innovation, and make choices from love, not fear.

Love. We are made from universal love and are here for a reason. We have everything abundantly available to continue growing our love for ourselves and each other.

Authenticity. Acting on one’s own initiative and authority means trusting one’s inner world and guides. It requires alignment of one’s values and actions in order to contribute to meaningful work on the planet. Only then can one be genuine and original, which leads to continuity across work, home, and all relationships (self, others, and the planet).

Inspiration. At times, our world can feel heavy and toxic and it can be difficult to hear the voices of inner stillness and clarity we all have access to. Natalie is here to breathe life into that voice and help clients live from this place in their personal and professional lives. She helps them transform into a new way of being, make choices from a place of balanced heart, body, emotions, and soul.

Meaning. Often, we can move through the world out of touch with ourselves, each other, and life energies around us. Natalie’s work restores this sense of connection and provides clients the ability to live their most aware lives so that they can participate in meaningful work that contributes to community and social growth.

Social and personal responsibility. Natalie is here to midwife a world where an effortless sense of connection to all life yields clients to act on their own initiative to lead themselves and our world towards more health and wholeness, that not only celebrates diversity but advocates for it.

Feminine. Feminine principles are undervalued in our world: intuition, emotional intelligence, holistic approaches, nourishment and stillness. Restoring them makes each person, each leader, each creation in our world, sustainable, regenerative, happier, and whole.

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