strengthening intuition, heart, and knowing in leaders and organizations



Natalie’s teachings come from such an authentic place. It’s impossible not to feel a deep connection with her, and within yourself. Her teachings showed me how we are deeply connected to various elements around us. After being in ceremony with her, I felt grounded, more connected with myself and I felt empowered. I highly recommend Natalie as a guide and as a leader. She will bring you through a beautiful transformational process while offering her teachings along the way.
— Danielle Waldman, Life Coach

Natalie’s loving, intuitive, powerful presence makes you feel held and at the same time, pushed to discover more of what life has to teach you. I highly recommend Natalie and any of her beautifully crafted programs.
— Katie DePaola, Founder and CEO of Inner Glow Circle

I had experienced something similar before, but not in this more broad, bigger picture way. I’ve talked with coaches before. This was different in that I felt more guided, directed, and less given time to vent, To me, this was more valuable because I felt like I was more productive.
— Zachary Street, Creator of Well Now Services, Washington DC

The coaching program exceeded my expectations. Under Natalie’s guidance, we shared our challenges and strategies for success. The breadth of talent and creativity among our members offered fertile ground for considering my own next steps.
— Darnella D., Independent Scholar and Artist

Working with Natalie I feel a deep intuitive connection. I feel understood. She speaks my language. She feels the energy in my words. She reflects back to me the greatest parts of myself. She has shown me the way back to center, helping me root and ground into what I already know deep inside my soul. That is far more powerful than any work with a traditional counselor or business coach could have provided.
— Kristin Lewis, Founder of Wild Woman Visionary
Natalie has an incredible presence and ability to facilitate. She brought our group together, supported us in connecting with each other and ourselves deeply.
— Anitha Pai, Educator, Seattle Washington