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Winter Ceremony

Winter Dreaming Ceremony
January 28-29, 2017

An all-night event
Saturday (7pm) - Sunday (11am)
at Rockwood Manor in Potomac, MD



Winter curates its own magic.
It’s a time when nature noticeably turns in on itself for retreat, restoration and reflection; plants withdraw into their roots and animals hibernate. Life begins to embody unique forms and whisper its rhythmic lullaby. 

Nature turns within to dream. 
The winter moons inspire an opportunity to dance with the rhythm of nature. We too become quiet, we slow down, and shift awareness inwards.

We gather for the Winter Dreaming Ceremony to connect to the natural cycles and rhythms of winter essence, empowering you to harvest the lessons of the previous year and dream yourself anew in 2017.  FOUR unique ceremony guides unite to hold the space for this journey. Within the container of this ceremony, the experience is curated uniquely by each individual dreamer …

Wander through the dream world according to the gentle winter whisper of Spirit to commune with the energies of winter: darkness, mystery, rebirth and dreaming.


The evening will consist of 4 ceremonial spaces:

  1. Guides will burn a Sacred Fire all night so that you can converse with god, life, all that is and reflect on your past year.
  2. A Cacao ceremony will be offered to ignite the journey -- this is an ancient Mayan ritual to stimulate divination and lucid dreaming. Various teas and crystal bowl sound healings will continue to be offered in this space throughout the night.
  3. A vision board station will be offered so that you can harvest the gems you have collected from 2016
  4. A prayer bundle station will give you the opportunity to plant your prayers or dream seeds for the coming new year

On Sunday morning, participants will have an opportunity to nap, join a sound healing session, or wake up with a gentle Asana yoga practice. Breakfast will be served to the group and space for reflection and discussion will be available.  


I will point this ceremony, bringing forward ancient earth wisdom about the mother earth in this winter season. In addition, I have invited three special friends to join me in holding this ceremony for you:


Atticus Mooney

As a catalyst for the cacao spirit; a practitioner of yoga and shamanic arts; an avid dancer; and a carrier of ancient Mayan wisdom. Atticus strives to connect the many threads of life that weave individual experiences into the collective fabric of this reality. She is the co-founder of Source Cacao, which currently imports Guatemalan ceremonial Cacao exclusively. She is passionate about the spiritual and physical energies of cacao spirit and is called to share its essence through connective activities such as dance, yoga, meditation and arts. 

Steph photo.jpg

Stephanie Segar

Stephanie is an eclectic ceremonialist, participating and leading ceremonies in the Virginia/Maryland/
DC area for close to 10 years. She helps awaken and transform people to step into their power, helping them realize their own potential.  She is the founder of EagleTherapies, a community that supports alternative therapies, spiritual exploration and empowerment so that people can make their own choices to leading healthier lifestyles. Stephanie will be the sacred firekeeper for this ceremony.

Danielle Waldman

A Personal Development and Empowerment coaching currently residing in Washington, DC., Danielle works with individuals that are in a place of transition, dealing with resistance and defining who they are. She is an avid explorer and traveler. Her true craft in life is to empower those around her to live in a world where it's okay to be you. Danielle will point beauty and altars for the ceremony.


The cost is $150.00 per person.

Saturday night Dinner, Cacao, all-night soup and snacks, Sunday breakfast, lodging, and materials are provided. 

We have intentionally kept our price low to make this ceremony accessible to any dreamer or soul seeker that feels called to attend. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. If you feel called to discuss an exchange (ceremony helpers needed) or an alternative payment plan, email me at with your request.

Limited helper and attendee spots available. Registration closes January 20, 2017.

Lodging & Accommodations

The ceremony will take place at RockWood Manor in Potomac Maryland. A bed will be assigned to you when you arrive to the ceremony so that you can have a designated personal space to rest throughout the evening. Linens and towels will be provided for your convenience.

Contact Info

Contact Natalie by emailing or sending a message through the contact me tab to schedule a time to discuss any questions or accommodations you may need.

Ceremony Testimonials 

Natalie has an incredible presence and ability to facilitate the Winter Dreaming Ceremony. She brought the group together, supported us in connecting with each other and ourselves. She thoughtfully planned activities, food, and moments to keep us engaged spiritually and emotionally. I've participated for a few years, and I most enjoyed the dedicated time for active reflection. Every time I've completed the experience, I've left feeling energized about the year ahead.”- Anitha Pai, Educational Consultant

“It can be a little scary and uncomfortable to open up and be vulnerable in front of a group of strangers, but Natalie makes it all feel natural. If you want to able to disconnect from life, are searching for answers, or need guidance for the year ahead, I'd recommend it.” – Diane Padilla, Public Service Professional

 “In my winter ceremony - as I'm sure is common - I felt especially vulnerable. Natalie is exactly the right person to guide you through this exploration, as she is someone who you can trust in these moments of genuine and meaningful vulnerability.”- Zachary Clark, Executive Director of a Non-Profit Agency