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Winter Ceremony

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Winter Dreaming Ceremony

Saturday & Sunday
January 28-29, 2017
6pm-9am (Sat 6pm to Sun 9am)
in the DC/VA/MD area 

The Winter Dreaming Ceremony is an all-night ceremony of reflection, emptying, and silence. Through a time honored process of guided experience, we acknowledge our past year, all the opportunities, events, and people that influenced our growth and then we focus on dreaming for the coming new year.

Winter has its own magic. It’s a time when nature turns in, and everything slows down. Plants go deep inside their roots, animals hibernate. Life takes on a different form- it turns within to dream. The winter moons (starting November 21 and completing March 21) provide us with an opportunity to become quiet, slow down, and turn our awareness inwards.

The winter dreaming ceremony will connect you with the natural cycle of the turning in of winter. Guides will burn a bright fire all night long. They will lead you through experiences that will connect you with the energies of winter: darkness, mystery, and dreaming.  A special cacao tea will be offered Saturday evening as a way to enter this ceremony.