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Wildly Wise Women 2018


Dear Beautiful Woman,

The time has come for you to awaken to the wisdom that resides in you. Join me this spring, in the intimacy of a small women’s circle. In the 10-week program we’ll reawaken the wild and wise woman within. Every week, you will grow your connection to other powerful women and remember the parts of yourself that have fallen asleep or been neglected, all in the nurturing, healing space of a sisterhood. When women gather we create magical healing and growth. 

So join me. Let’s make 2018 your most enlightening year yet.


The group topped my expectations! I imagined an interesting journey, but what I got was exceptionally beautiful, a transformational process that was rooted in deep wisdom and spiced up with a wonderful group of women who supported one another like I’ve never experienced it before.
— Anna F., Hamburg Germany

This 10-week spiritual leadership program is dedicated to honoring and re-awakening the wild and wise woman within. Her awakening, within a sisterhood of other women, while engaging in deep, soul-level uncovering of her own truth will unveil the gifts she is being called upon to share with our world at this time.

The program starts in October 2018 and goes through the second week of December. Sessions will meet virtually and the group will engage weekly through a digital platform.


Basic: $495

  • TEN 75-minute weekly group coaching sessions

  • ONE 30-minute private coaching session

  • 7% of proceeds go to support the Malala Fund, female education in developing countries.

  • Personalized welcome gift for your 10-week journey

  • Additional frameworks, meditations, rituals and personal practices to support your leadership journey

 Premium - $695

  • TEN 75-minute weekly group coaching sessions

  • Two 60-minute private coaching sessions or ONE: 2-hour intensive coaching session (gift of over $100!)

  • 7% of proceeds go to support the Malala Fund, female education in developing countries.

  • Personalized welcome gift for your 10-week journey.

  • Additional frameworks, meditations, rituals and personal practices to support your leadership journey


PLEASE NOTE * I believe in making my offerings affordable. For every 4 people that sign up, I will offer a 50% scholarship to a person in financial need. In addition, no one is turned away for lack of funds. If this is something you genuinely WANT to be a part of, EMAIL ME to talk about how to make it happen. Exchanges, payment plans, and money breakthrough coaching are some of the many options available to you. 

When I saw the 10-week group program option, I knew I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and have dedicated time each week to focus on myself & what I needed to improve upon my current state. The program exceeded my expectations. It seemed as if the teaching for the week was exactly what I needed at that moment in my life. I learned wonderful tools I will be revisiting for years. The 10 weeks coincided with the most tumultuous time in my own life to date. Having the support & perspective of the group & Natalie allowed me to rediscover and trust myself. I can’t think of a way I could have been better supported.
— Torrey A., Maryland
I loved the community that was built during the time of the sessions. I liked how we were all different but looking for our paths. I liked how each week there were assignments and the overall the structure of the class was very concise. I wish it could go on forever!
— Samantha V., California
The group exceeded my expectations. Under Natalie’s guidance, we shared our challenges and strategies for success. The honest nature of our exchanges as we grappled with difficulties was invaluable. We could be vulnerable as we examined our assets and our apparent limitations. I had participated in a women’s group program before, but this small group was more intimate, offering an opportunity to work through issues at a deeper level and to get to know each individual and appreciate her unique strengths. Anyone working through an issue or wanting supportive and sympathetic fellows to help in moving a project forward would benefit from a program like this.
— Darnella D., Washington DC