strengthening intuition, heart, and knowing in leaders and organizations

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Natalie Orozco is coach, medicine woman, and Harvard trained researcher offering one-on-one and group coaching programs, seasonal ceremonies, and consulting services on quantitative and qualitative research projects in the public interest. Coaching programs currently offered are listed here.

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researcher. medicine woman. coach.

I am an International Coaching Federation (ICF) trained coach with 10 years experience offering transformational leadership experiences to one-on-one, group, and corporate clients.

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Private Leadership Coaching

Private Coaching Programs are customized to meet your individual needs. Coaching packages begin with a minimum 3-month commitment and range to a maximum 9-month commitment. Coaching packages can be customized to create something that aligns to meet your unique needs.

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option one : create

For leaders seeking to Create Content using sustainable, scalable, and evidence-based best practices

option two : restore

For leaders who seek to Restore their inner self, or a system they lead, putting pieces in place that will lean towards more balance or the ending of a natural cycle

option three : evaluate

For leaders who seek to Evaluate themselves across all their life territories, harvesting lessons, gathering power and knowledge on what steps to take next

option four : take action

For leaders who seek Strategy and Accountability throughout program or project implementation

Group Coaching

Strengthening Intuitive Leadership

My signature 10-week group coaching program provides a journey of growing holistic leadership skills within an intimate group of master leaders through live and virtual conferencing.

The program includes 10 weekly group sessions, 10 weekly prompts, personal assignments, three private coaching sessions with me and a welcome gift.

(Formerly Wildly Wise Women)

Drop-In Coaching

For those interested in coaching as a way to support project management, design, and implementation. The leverage of the drop-in group offers you more perspectives and a community of accountability and support. Maximum of 6 people per session. Available for a per session fee or company/organization fee. Must book a minimum of three sessions. Contact me for more details.



“Working with Natalie I feel a deep intuitive connection. I felt understood. She speaks my language. She feels the energy in my words. She reflects back to me the greatest parts of myself. She has shown me the way back to center, helping me root and ground into what I already know deep inside my soul. That is far more powerful than any work with a traditional counselor or business coach could have provided.

Being held in sacred space with Natalie for that one hour completely shifts my perspective. Instead of feeling consumed by fear I learn how to move through it. She gave me the necessary tools to help me remember who I am, my inner power and what I came here to do. She gave me insight that provided clarity and focus for the next month ahead. ”

— Kristin Lewis, Founder of Wild Woman Visionary, California

“Natalie is reliable, gentle, compassionate and connected. The magic happens in between the conversations. It's like what happens inside your body when you eat clean, healthy food. All of sudden you sleep better, have more energy, etc. In between calls with Natalie I felt more confident, I negotiated a salary for the first time, I had really hard conversations with my family. I knew that after each one of those challenging things I would be able to report back to Natalie and we could then celebrate together and unpack why it worked or didn't work.”

— Mary Houlihan, Life Coach, Missouri