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Natalie Orozco is coach, medicine woman, and Harvard trained researcher offering one-on-one and group coaching programs, seasonal ceremonies, and consulting services on quantitative and qualitative research projects in the public interest. Upcoming ceremonies are listed here.

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researcher. medicine woman. coach.

I am a Sanctioned Ceremony Guide by the Keeper of the Delicate Lodge Teachings, a tradition that has its roots in pre-Mayan times. I teach medicine wheels and guide ceremonies (when the earth or community is in need of one). I’ve been training in Ancestral Earth Wisdom for over a decade.

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What is ceremony?

A ceremony is about returning to an inner state of oneness with all things. It is a traditional way to gather and grow deep connection with the self and healing energies. In Ceremony, guides invite seekers to sit around a ceremonial fire or altar, to enter into deep contemplation with the teachings that are brought forward by them, the season, and by the natural energies that are around.




DanceHammers Institute, Ancestral Earth Medicine

OneHeartCircle, Ancestral Earth Medicine

SunOtter Martinico, Ancestral Earth Medicine, Mentor

Suma Pinta, Lakota Drum Maker



“Natalie’s teachings come from such an authentic place. It’s impossible not to feel a deep connection with her, and within yourself. Her teachings showed me how we are deeply connected to various elements around us. Afterwards, I felt grounded, more connected with myself and I felt empowered. I highly recommend Natalie as a guide and as a leader. She will bring you through a beautiful transformational process while offering her teachings along the way.”

— Danielle Waldman, Coach and Wild Woman Circle Facilitator, Washington D.C.

“I experienced such a pure and clear state of self, a deep level of presence, and a beauty in fearless mystery by exploring the depths of my creativity through writing.”

— Zachary Street, Founder of WellNow Services, New Mexico

“I loved the opportunity to be mindful most of the day. With small children at home I don't get that opportunity often and it was really helpful. It felt good. I really liked what she did.”

— Stephen John, Psychologist, Maryland

“As a ceremonial guide, Natalie is grounded, attentive, and instinctive. She anticipates your needs before you realize them. She brought a uniquely gentle approach to leading me through what can be an intense experience. In a ceremony - as I’m sure is common - I felt especially vulnerable. Natalie is exactly the right person to guide you through this exploration, as she is someone who you can trust in these moments of genuine and meaningful vulnerability.”

— Zachary Clark, Director of NGO, Washington D.C.


Custom Retreats

Using interdisciplinary, ancestral, and mindful practices, I create an experience for you or your group to support transformation, connection to the self, to others, and to the earth, as to support the next layer of depth or understanding you seek.

Upcoming Ceremonies

Spring Ceremony

Spring equinox marks a time of returning to balance. The days and nights even out so that we experience as much light as we do darkness. In this place of balance life re-awakens. All of life steps into the light to be born anew and so our yearnings and desires are most potent. These yearnings are asking us to get into a place of balance so that our dreams seeds can come to life this year. This ceremony offers the rebirthing and re-awakening of your wildest dreams. Ceremony registration opens in March. Notify me when registration opens→

Fall Harvest Ceremony

Fall is a time to harvest all that you have been gifted. It’s a time to live into the abundance of what has cultivated around you. This harvest ceremony supports you to acknowledge the wisdom gained, the lessons learned, the relationships nourished and grown, the foods and materials you dreamed forward, and any other things that contributed to your growth and dreams this year. It’s a time to take it all in, soak in it, and let it feed your spirit so you can welcome the change that is coming in winter. Registration Opens in September. Notify me when registration opens→

Kiva Winter Ceremony

Through a time-honored process of guided experience, we honor the self and focus on dreaming for the coming new year. The winter moons (or kiva moons) provide us with an opportunity to become quiet and go within. This seasonal ceremony connects us with the natural cycle of the turning in of winter. I will burn a bright fire all night long, lead you through experiences that will connect you with the energies of winter: darkness, mystery, and dreaming to release all that you no longer want to carry into the new year, so that you can take your newly released self into the dream world and in a sense be born anew with some clarity about your year or life ahead. Registration Opens in Late October. Notify me when registration opens→


Contact me directly for more on my offerings and experience.

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