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1:1 Coaching


Hi there,

If you felt drawn to this page, it’s probably time for you to step up and take your leadership and life to another level. What’s on the horizon? A new job? A new relationship? A new home?

Whatever this chapter of your life is teaching you and asking of you, it’s time to fully commit and make real changes. You know you are ready for more. You know you are destined for more.  And now is the time.

Schedule a consultation with me to see if i’m the right leadership coach for you. I stand by your side until you cross the finish line, breaking down and tackling any obstacle we meet along the way, until you bring what you are destined to bring… because the world needs it. Because we need you. Coaching is transformational and long term commitment is needed to make the sustainable shift you are craving.

I offer 3-month and 6-month packages because I believe in the power of cycles and commitments.

Read below and if it is a strong alignment, let’s get to work!


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We create your best life together. I hold space, I offer frameworks, tools, strong reflections, homework, and a no bullshit attitude to strengthen your connection to your inner wisdom and your higher self. I will listen to you deeply (both what you’re saying to me, and what you’re not saying), respect you, remain open and non-judgmental, and take care of myself to ensure that I maintain a positive and clear energy for us to do YOUR work together.

What coaching with me involves:

  • 1:1 private sessions, over the phone or video call, twice a month or three times a month.
  • An opening prayer or guided meditation to begin our calls from a grounded place 
  • Text and email support between our sessions
  • A welcome packet of self development and introspection tools to get you started -- we look at what needs tending to in the different areas of your life and what is ready to grow


What People Are Saying

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